Solving The Roofing Problem In Commercial Buildings

Handling the roofing problems in a commercial building will be a daunting task as it includes a highly structured area for inspection and repair. Repairing the roof of commercial buildings will be more expensive than repairing the residential building roofs. Hence, it is necessary to plan the roof installation of commercial building properly and execute it with the help of experts to avoid any damages and risk of repair. Roof design, roofing material, and roofing installation all affect the long life of the roof. The problems with roofing in a commercial building can be solved with the help of expert roofers.

wind damamge commercial roof

problems with commercial roofs

Common Problems with Commercial Roofs

Water stagnation

This is one of the common problems that happen in commercial building roofs. Clogged drains will make the water stand on the roof and this will cause deterioration of the strength of the roof. If water happens to stand on the roof for more than 48 hours can damage the building structure considerably. The water stagnation for long hours will result in leaks through the roof. So, it is necessary to keep the roof free of debris and solid granules before heavy storms. There are roofers who also do regular maintenance of roofs to keep them clean and to prevent leakage.

Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs are common in areas where heavy rains and snowfall are common.

  • It is difficult to locate the exact place of leakage as the water will travel to different areas from the point of leakage.
  • If the roof is not provided with a proper slope or if the laying of shingles is not proper or if the shingles are damaged by storms, water leakage can occur.
  • Leakage is also caused by deteriorating roofing materials due to age and due to inappropriate maintenance practices.

Frequent inspection of the roof and proper maintenance and minor repairs are needed to avoid major expenses on replacing the commercial building roofs. You need to contact a qualified roofer with experience in handling the work in commercial building roofs and get the leakage problems solved immediately.

Inappropriate Repairs

When you allow inexperienced people to handle the minor roof repairs they may use roofing materials which may not be compatible with the existing roofing material or low-quality materials and products to give a quick fix to the problem. This type of repair work can lead to major problems later. To avoid such problems, you need to consider only certified and experienced people to handle any maintenance and repair work on the roof. If you wish to install a low maintenance commercial roofing solution be sure to check out:

Open Seams

Many buildings have the vent pipes, chimneys, heating and cooling systems penetrating the roof. If the sealing is improper at the area where it penetrates the roof will result in damages to the shingles and poor resistance to punctures caused by powerful storms. Though maintaining the roof of a commercial building is a great chore, employing the service of qualified roofers for roof maintenance avoid the need of pricey roof replacement or repair as necessary preventive measures will be taken by the professionals to avoid any major damages to the building roof or to prevent the recurrence of any roofing problem.

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