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The Importance Of Providing Proper Roof Ventilation

When you hire a professional to take care of your roofing installation, you would have heard him saying about providing a proper ventilation system in the roof. If you are wondering as to what is the need for roof ventilation, then in simple terms, it is to allow the heat in the attic to escape. If the air or the heat is trapped in the attic, then it can cause changes in the temperature of the room. All the best roofers Minneapolis, Minnesota has to offer will suggest you to make use of proper roof ventilation system as they will help in reducing the amount of heat in the attic during the summer and also reduce the amount of moisture in the attic area during the winters.

roof ventilation

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What is a roof vent?

Roof vents can also be called as roof exhausts as it will help in letting out the air out of the attic space. The hot air that is let out of the attic has to be replaced with cooler air in order to control the temperature of the room under the roof. There must be intake vents also in place so that the cooler air gets into the attic space. The cool air that you will come across in the house is normally under the overhangs. This is because these extensions will always be shaded. So, an intake vent and an exhaust vent forms the part of a good roof ventilation system. The intake vents are seen in places like the soffit. Using aluminum or vinyl soffit is the best option to quickly and easily cool the air that enters the attic space. This air will replace the hot air that makes an exit through the roof vents.

Indications that direct to poor roof ventilation

The general rule for a good roof ventilation system is that the amount of intake has t6o be the same amount of air that is exiting the attic space. It is suggested that one should have a square foot of ventilation fitted for every 150 square feet of attic area. The one square foot of ventilation has to be divided as a half square foot of vent exhaust and half square foot of intake vent. The following are some of the indications that show that the roof ventilation is not proper.

  1. Growing mold on the roof.
  2. Increase in the heat in the attic during the peak summer months.
  3. Water leaks from the nail tips.
  4. Notice of frost or ice formation on rafters, outer layer or any other items in the attic area.

If any such issue is spotted by you, it is very important to get the roof evaluated as quickly as possible by a professional roofing expert. They will come and carry out the necessary evaluation and check out the roof ventilation system installed in your home. If they spot any issues, then you will be intimated about the same. They will also suggest you the ways and means to correct the ventilation system problems. If there is a need to replace the ventilation system, you will be notified of the same by the experts.